# Specifications

This page explains the specs for developing a LINE MINI App.

# HTML5 Support

When developing a LINE MINI App, you can use almost any HTML5 (opens new window) specification. For example, you can use Geolocation API (opens new window) to acquire information regarding the user's location, and provide users with information on nearby shops. Most Map APIs that are compatible with HTML5 can be used, including the Google Maps API.

# Support Media Formats

Media formats supported by HTML5 are also supported by LINE MINI App.

See these HTML5 Specifications:

# HTML5 Support in the browser

This site is helpful in finding out how HTML5 is supported on an external browser:

# Supported Platforms and Versions

LINE MINI App is a type of LIFF app. Therefore, the supported OS versions and LINE versions of LINE MINI App are based on the Recommended operating environment of LIFF.


Supported versions are subject to change without notice.


If you open a LINE MINI App in an external browser, the following page will be displayed and you will be guided to open the LINE MINI App using LINE's smartphone app (LIFF browser).

However, if you enable Redirect non-LINE users to a web browser on the LINE Developers Console, non-LINE users outside of Japan, Thailand and Taiwan can view the LINE MINI App services in an external browser. For more information, see Redirect non-LINE users to a web browser.

# Supported LIFF Versions

LINE MINI App is a type of LIFF App. The minimum version of the LIFF SDK available for use on LINE MINI App is v2.1.

LINE MINI App allows the use of all LIFF APIs provided by LIFF v2.1.x. However, you must foremost pass the review by LY Corporation.