# LINE Developers Console Guide for LINE MINI App

Understand the basic structure and precautions of LINE Developers Console before submitting an application for review for your LINE MINI App.

# LINE Developers Console for LINE MINI App

LINE Developers Console is a tool for developing and testing your LINE MINI App, as well as being a tool for submitting your LINE MINI App for review and releasing it. Currently, LINE Developers Console for LINE MINI App is open only to those service providers who have passed the pre-examination. For more information on the pre-examination, etc., see Enroll in the LINE MINI App Development Program.

# Basic structure of the LINE Developers Console for LINE MINI App

Unlike other products, LINE MINI App comes with the following structural features. First, when you create a LINE MINI App channel through LINE Developers Console, the following three channels are generated alongside: Developing channel, Review channel, and Published channel. Each channel has its own unique set of features and purpose.

# Developing channel

  • Channel used for developing and testing. You can develop and test your LINE MINI App by freely adjusting settings for Channel and LIFF.
  • Only authorized admins to whom you have assigned roles can access this Channel and LIFF, so you are free to develop and test your LINE MINI App.
  • The settings exposed to LINE Developers Console for LINE MINI App are settings specifically for this developing channel. The settings don't affect either the Review channel or the Published channel, so you can freely modify them (only after you submit for and pass review do the settings get copied to each channel).

# Review channel

  • Channel that LINE uses to screen your LINE MINI App during review.
  • When you submit your LINE MINI App for review, the values you configured for your Developing channel will be copied to the Review channel.
  • Only the reviewer from LINE has access to the Review channel, so you cannot check or access information regarding the Review channel from LINE Developers Console.

# Published channel

  • Channel that is open to users.
  • Once your LINE MINI App passes review and is published, the settings from the Review channel will be automatically copied to the Published channel.
  • Any authorized admin can access the Published channel and find information on the Published channel from the Published data button, located on the top right corner of the LINE MINI App channel.

# Precautions for using LINE Developers Console for LINE MINI App

  • Service content must be distributed directly to the LIFF endpoint URL for each channel.
    • Settings for Channel and LIFF, as well as other information on LINE Developers Console, are automatically copied to the Review channel and Published channel upon request for review and request for publishing.
    • However, service contents of the LIFF endpoint URL are not copied. Therefore, when requesting review, distribute the contents to be reviewed in advance in the LIFF endpoint URL of the Review channel, and when requesting publishing, distribute the contents to be released in advance in the LIFF endpoint URL of the Published channel.
  • Each of the three channels must contain the contents of LIFF and must be configured to the same LIFF values.
    • The LIFF ID of each channel must be initialized with the liff.init() method. For example, when you execute initialization from the Review channel, use liff.init() to specify the LIFF ID of the Review channel before initializing it.
    • The URL included in the message sent from LIFF must be set to the URL of each LIFF. For example, a message sent from a LIFF for review should be set to a URL that links to LIFF for review.
  • For services that include actions such as booking, payment, and ordering, you must enter a test scenario (accounts, products, stores, etc.) in the Comments section when submitting the application for review.
  • You cannot issue a long-lived channel access token for the LINE MINI App channel.