# Introducing LINE MINI App

LINE MINI App is a web application that runs on LINE. LINE MINI App enables users to enjoy services without installing a separate native app.

"LINE MINI App" is the official name.

LINE MINI App is a web browser, so most HTML5 specs can be used. For more information, see the Specifications.

# Introduction

Anyone who is permitted customers in the LINE MINI App Policy (opens new window) can develop LINE MINI Apps. However, if the service is provided in Taiwan or Thailand, only those who have received approval from LINE can develop LINE MINI Apps. See Quick Start Guide first.

To start developing the LINE MINI App channel, you need a LINE Developers Console account. Many tasks, from LINE MINI App configuration to app submission for review, are carried out on the LINE Developers Console.

# Things you can do with LINE MINI App

LINE MINI App provides these built-in features.

  • A feature for sharing LINE MINI App with other users
  • A feature for requesting user access to services.

You can also add these custom features on your LINE MINI App to further enhance user experience.

  • Service Messages
  • Using Payment Systems (LINE Pay)
  • Custom action button

# LINE MINI App Components

LINE MINI App page consists of (A) Header (B) Body. For details, see LINE MINI App Components.

LINE MINI App structure

# Ways in which users can access LINE MINI Apps

Users can access LINE MINI Apps, not only within LINE but also from outside of LINE. There are several ways to access LINE MINI Apps within LINE.

# Access from outside of LINE

If you have access to the LINE MINI App Permanent Link, you can access the LINE MINI App from outside of LINE. You can share the permanent link of the LINE MINI App with users in these ways:

  • By posting on websites, e-mails, text messages, etc.
  • By creating a QR code for various media

# LINE Official Account

Users can also access LINE MINI Apps from the LINE Official Account. For example, a link to the LINE MINI App will be added to the rich message that you send to friends on the LINE Official Account and to the rich menu displayed on the talk screen. For details, see Using LINE Official Account.

You can promote your LINE MINI App on the LINE Official Account

# Home Tab

You can access LINE MINI Apps from the LINE Home tab. The home tab display policy varies per region to provide the service.

  • Home > Services
    (in the case that the user tapped the LINE MINI App action button and selected Pin to Home tab)

# Searching on LINE

You can also access LINE MINI Apps from the LINE search feature.

Access from search

# LINE Message

Users can easily share LINE MINI Apps with their friends. The built-in action button is provided to enable users to easily share LINE MINI Apps among friends, but there's also the option of implementing a custom action button.

Share message

# Features available on LIFF apps but not on LINE MINI Apps

Item Description
External browser display When you open a LINE MINI App in an external browser, the following page will be displayed and you will be guided to open the LINE MINI App using LINE's smartphone app (LIFF Browser).

landing page
Hiding the action button (Module mode) You can't hide the action button on the LINE MINI App. Module Mode can't be configured for LIFF apps that have been added to the LINE MINI App channel.