# Creating permanent links

Users can use not only LIFF URLs but also permanent links to access LINE MINI Apps. However, permanent links should be used instead of LIFF URLs for the purpose of sharing LINE MINI App pages.

When you share a LINE MINI App page using the action button in the header, LINE automatically generates a permanent link of the page.

For every other instance, you need to create a permanent link yourself according to the following formula.

LIFF URL + (LINE MINI App URL - Endpoint URL) = Permanent Link


Item Settings
LIFF URL* https://liff.line.me/123456-abcedfg
URL of the LINE MINI App page https://example.com/shop?search=shoes#item10
Endpoint URL* https://example.com

* Find it on the LIFF tab of the LINE Developers Console.

In this case, the permanent link corresponding to the URL of the LINE MINI App page is as follows:


You can use raw path to your page, query parameters, and hash fragments in the URL of the LINE MINI App page.

# If the user doesn't have LINE installed

When a user that has LINE installed clicks on a permanent link, LINE takes the user to the exact page directed by the link. If a user doesn't have LINE installed, a web browser is opened, prompting the user to download LINE. When users install LINE, they can use the LINE MINI App.