# Getting started

Before you dive straight into developing a LINE MINI App, we recommend that you read this content:

# Create a LINE MINI App Channel

Before embarking on developing a LINE MINI App, create a LINE MINI App channel on the LINE Developers Console, and add the LIFF App to the LINE MINI App channel.

For more information, see Create a channel and Adding a LIFF app to your channel in the LIFF documentation.


Only those service providers who have enrolled in the LINE MINI App Development Program can create a LINE MINI App channel.

# Develop a LINE MINI App

Once you create a LINE MINI App channel, you can start developing a LINE MINI App. Think of developing a LINE MINI App as developing a LIFF app with additional requirements and restrictions as explained in this guide.

For more information, see the Specifications.

# Using APIs

Two types of APIs are available for you to develop LINE MINI Apps: the LIFF API and the Service Message API. The LIFF API is called from your LINE MINI App, while the Service Message API is called from the server-side of your service. For more information on using the LIFF API, see LIFF documentation.

For instance, to implement a custom share button, you would need to call the LIFF API from your LINE MINI App. But to send service messages, you would need to call the Service Message API from your server.


To enhance user experience, the LIFF API is constantly adding new features and improving existing features.

# Our recommendations for development

Develop your LINE MINI App in a way that helps users to access your core features easily and quickly. Here are a couple of our suggestions:

  • Use HTML5 Geolocation API (opens new window) for locating users.
  • Utilize users' LINE profile information, which can be obtained with the LIFF API. For instance, auto-generating users' LINE profile information for restaurant reservations spares users from having to enter their personal information each time they make a new reservation.
  • Optimize your LINE MINI App's performance to provide better user experience for your LINE MINI App users. For more information, see the Performance guidelines.

# Request LINE MINI App review

Before publishing the LINE MINI App that you have developed, you need to submit an application for review to LINE. For more information, see Requesting review for your LINE MINI App.