# Creating a LINE MINI App icon

The LINE MINI App icon is used in a variety of places, including the channel consent screen, the Home tab, LINE messages, and service messages. This page provides guidelines to follow when creating an icon, as well as instructions on how to upload an image for the icon.

# The main locations for the LINE MINI App icon

The main locations for the LINE MINI App icon are as follows:

Channel consent screen Home tab LINE messages Service messages

# Guidelines

The LINE MINI App icon may appear small, especially on mobile devices. To ensure that the icon is visible to users in all locations, design your icon according to the guidelines below.

# [Required] Icon size

The background area (BG SIZE) of the icon should be 130x130px.

# [Required] Logo size

The minimum logo size (LOGO SIZE) must be 54x54px and the maximum must be 90x90px. We recommend that the logo size is between 54x54px and 76x76px.

# [Recommended] Logo design

To maintain the visibility and quality of the logo at all times, it should be designed as a stand-alone icon or wordmark.

# How to upload an image for the icon

Upload an image for the icon from the Channel icon in the Basic settings tab of the LINE Developers Console. The only file formats that can be used for an icon are PNG and JPEG.

The uploaded image for the icon is automatically cropped and the icon background is transparent. Make sure that the logo fits into the green square in the preview image.

# Creating from a template file in PSD format (optional)

We provide a PSD template file that can be used to create an icon. Using the template file, the outline of the icon can be set. Setting the outline will make it easier to recognize the icon when it is placed in front of a background of the same color as the icon in the LINE app. Download the following template file (PSD format) before creating your icon.

Download template file (PSD format) (opens new window)

# [Recommended] Icon color

When creating an icon based on the template file, specify the outline color according to the background color. At this point, it is recommended to select a background color type in the template file. Also, hide unused layers in the template file before saving.

Background color Outline color Outline opacity
White (#FFFFFF) Black (#000000) 12%
Black (#000000)
Dark (#181818)
White (#FFFFFF) 8%
Other color Black (#000000) 8%