# Custom Features

You can add the following features on your LINE MINI App to further enhance user experience.

# Service Messages

Service messages can be used if you want to send users the confirmation of their restaurant or accommodation reservations.

Service messages is a feature whereby LINE MINI App notifies the user of information the user should know regarding the user's request.

Service messages sent from LINE MINI Apps are displayed in chat rooms determined for each region that provides the LINE MINI App, regardless of the type of LINE MINI App.

Japan Thailand Taiwan
LINEミニアプリ お知らせ LINE MINI App Notice LINE MINI App 通知
LINEミニアプリ お知らせ LINE MINI App Notice LINE MINI App 通知

To send a service message, use the service message API. For details, see Sending service messages.

Conditions to sending service messages

You are allowed to send service messages only as a confirmation or response to a user action on LINE MINI App. Advertisements and event notifications are prohibited, including information on discounts, shopping rewards, new products, discount coupons or promotions. For more information about the service message conditions, see Conditions for service messages.

# Inducing users to add your Official Account as a friend

With LINE MINI App, you can induce users to add your Official Account as a friend from the Channel consent screen or the Verification screen, using the add friend option.

For more information, see Add the LINE Official Account as a friend when you first open the LINE MINI App (add friend option).

bot link feature 1 bot link feature 2

# Using Payment Systems

Methods of payment other than LINE Pay, such as credit cards, can be integrated into your LINE MINI App. For more information, see Using payment systems.

mini intro linepay

# Custom action button

The built-in action button is provided to enable users to easily share LINE MINI App among friends, but there is also the option of implementing a custom action button.

# LINE Profile+

With LINE MINI App, you can get user data such as names, gender, birth date, phone number, and address to use for your service. See LINE Profile+ for more information.

Application is required to use the data

This feature is only available to corporate users who have submitted the required applications.

To use the data registered with LINE Profile+ via LINE MINI App, contact your sales representative or our Sales partners (opens new window).

Use this feature to make your service more easily accessible and convenient for users. Obtaining information without a particular purpose, acquiring excessive information, or misusing information acquired can all be reasons for rejection during the LINE MINI App review.

Examples of proper usage of user data include but are not limited to:

  • Automatically entering contact information such as sender, phone number, address, etc. to save the effort of entering the same information each time.
  • Recommending the right products according to the user's gender, birthday, etc.