Connect your service to the daily lives of your users with LINE MINI App.
Utilize the advantages of LINE MINI App to provide the ultimate service experience to your users on LINE
LINE Mini App
What is LINE MINI App?
LINE MINI App is a web application through which you can deliver services on LINE that meet various lifestyle needs of your users. Companies can utilize LINE MINI App’s advantages to provide users with a comfortable service experience, while gaining access to user data both online and offline.
LINE Mini App
Simple service activation
to help prevent user withdrawal
LINE MINI App is available on LINE, eliminating the need for downloading service apps or complicated registration processes. This minimizes service bounce rates and improves CVR.
LINE Mini App
Quick access and repeated usage
both inside and outside of LINE
LINE MINI App can be launched inside LINE, via the Home Tab or LINE Official Account, as well as outside of LINE,
via the service home page or SNS link, and QR codes on flyers. Quick launching leads to repeated usage.
LINE Mini App
Easy to notify users of
service-related information
Service message lets you send messages to users free of charge, even if they haven’t added
your LINE Official Account as a friend, so that users don’t miss important information,
such as reservation confirmation or order confirmation.
LINE Mini App
Easy to share with friends via LINE Talk
Users can share reservation information or coupons they acquired on LINE MINI App
with their friends on LINE Talk, which further promotes your service.
LINE Mini App