# Managing access tokens (LINE Login v2.0)

LINE Login v2.0 is deprecated

This page contains documentation for the previous version of LINE Login, v2.0. LINE Login v2.0 has been deprecated, with the end-of-life date to be determined, so we recommend that you use the current version (LINE Login v2.1). There will be a certain grace period between the end-of-life announcement and the actual end-of-life. For more information, see LINE Login versions.

The access tokens managed through the LINE Login API verifies that an app has been granted permission to access user data (such as user IDs, display names, profile images, and status messages) saved on the LINE Platform.

This topic explains how to manage access tokens using LINE Login v2.0 endpoints.

# Get the user's access token

An access token is returned by the LINE Platform once user authentication is complete.

At this point, you can assume the app has permission to access user data.

To learn more, see:

LINE Login:

Access token expiry dates

An access token is valid for 30 days after being issued. Any response with an access token also includes the number of seconds until the token expires in the expires_in property.

# Refresh tokens

A refresh token is returned along with an access token once user authentication is complete.

When an access token expires, you can use a refresh token to get a new one.

To learn more, see Refresh access token in the LINE Login v2.0 API reference.

Refresh token expiry dates

A refresh token is valid for up to 90 days after its corresponding access token was issued.

If the refresh token expires, you must prompt the user to log in again to generate a new access token.

# Verify access tokens

Verify any access token that you receive from an app or external server before using it on your own servers.

To learn more, see Verify access token validity in the LINE Login v2.0 API reference.

Additional criteria that you need to check after verifying an access token

When the LINE Login API successfully verifies an access token, its response contains a client_id property (the channel ID) and an expires_in property (the amount of time until the token expires). Make sure that these properties satisfy the following criteria before you use the access token.

Property Criteria
client_id Channel ID of the LINE Login channel linked to your app
expires_in A positive value