# Development guidelines

Follow the development guidelines below when developing a LINE bot that uses the Messaging API.


The basic rules for LINE bot development are based on the terms and conditions described in the application form.

# Prohibiting mass requests to the LINE platform

Don't send a large number of requests to the LINE platform for load testing purposes.

Don't send requests beyond the specified rate limits for any purpose.


If you send requests exceeding the rate limit, you will receive an error message saying, 429 Too Many Requests.

# Prohibiting LINE platform load tests

There is no service to load test bot servers from the LINE platform.

For load testing purposes, don't send large numbers of messages via the LINE platform. Prepare a separate environment for load testing of bot servers.

# Prohibiting mass transmission to the same user

Don't send too many messages to the same user for any purpose.

# Prohibiting requests for non-existent user IDs

When sending a request, don't specify a non-existent user ID.