# FAQ entries tagged #LINE Social Plugins

Can I add buttons to both PC and mobile web pages?

Yes, adding buttons is easy for both PC and mobile web pages.

After selecting a button type and language, copy the code and paste it where you want the button to be added on the website. For detailed steps, see the Installation guide.

Can I see the total number of button clicks/taps I get?

You can see the total number of shares, added friends, and likes.

LINE Share button: If you turn on the share counter when you add the LINE Share button, the number of shares will appear along with the button.

Add friend button: You can set the Add friend button with a counter that shows the number of added friends.

Like button: The number of likes will appear regardless of the button type you use.

We currently don't offer statistics based on dates, age, or gender.

Is there support for LINE Social Plugins by phone?

Currently, we don't offer support by phone. If you have any questions, contact us.

Are there times when the Add friend button can't be used?

The Add friend button can't be used to add LINE official accounts that have been blocked by/hidden from the LINE app, or if the LINE official account has already reached the maximum number of friends.

Can anyone set the Add friend button?

To set the Add friend button, you need a LINE official account ID. For details about creating a LINE official account, see the LINE Official Account Help page (opens new window).

Can I delete LINE official accounts after I add them as friends?

Yes, you can delete LINE official accounts from your friend list in the LINE app.

The Like button and Add friend button don't work on Safari, even if I log in.

There are currently issues with the "Like" and "Add friend" buttons not working properly due to the Safari browser's policy changes. This issue is occurring with similar services as well, and not just with LINE Social Plugins.

We are closely keeping track of this issue so that it can be resolved as soon as possible.

However, note that the following configuration will allow you to use the "Add Friend" button in the Safari browser.

[PC Safari setting]

  1. Safari > Preferences > Privacy > Website tracking: Undo "Prevent cross-site tracking"
Clicking the Like button on the mobile version doesn't work.

Depending on the browser policy, the Social Plugins' "Like" button may not work on the mobile version of the browser. This is a problem not only for LINE Social Plugins, but also for all similar services, and it can be solved by changing the settings of the mobile app.

[Chrome settings]

  1. Mobile device settings > Select Chrome app > Set Chrome as default browser app
  2. For iOS, go to settings > Select Chrome app > Allow Cross-site tracking
  3. Launch the Chrome app > Select the kebab menu (three-dot icon) next to the omnibox (address bar) > select settings > select content settings (iOS) or site settings (Android) > Turn off Pop-up blocker

[Safari settings]

  1. Mobile device settings > Select Safari app > Set Safari as default browser
  2. For iOS, go to Settings > Select Safari App > Allow Cross-site Tracking
  3. Mobile device settings > Select Safari app > Turn off Pop-up blocker
Can I add buttons to native iOS and Android apps?

If you want to add the LINE Share button to native apps, refer to the Using LINE features with the LINE URL scheme page, not the LINE Social Plugins page.

Can I see my own share history?

There is no feature for viewing the history of the websites you've shared.

Can you share just a certain selection of text with the LINE Share button?

Yes, the LINE Share browser extension makes sharing selected text easy. After installing the extension on the Chrome or Whale browser, you can select text and quickly share it with the LINE Share feature.

Download the LINE Share extension for Chrome here (opens new window).

Download the LINE Share extension for Whale here (opens new window).

Can I share photos and videos with the LINE Share button?

The LINE Share button lets you share URLs and text. You can share the URL of a website with photos or videos, but you can't share photos or videos directly.

Can I use my own icon for the LINE Share button?

Yes, you can use a custom icon that you made for the LINE Share button. For information on how to set your own button icon, see the Using custom icons.

When designing your button icon, make sure to refer to the design guide.

I saved content to Keep when sharing it from a PC, but I don't see it in Keep Memo.

Content appears in the Keep Memo chat room only when you share it from a mobile device and select Keep Memo.

If you share content from a PC and select Keep, that content is saved in Keep and not in the Keep Memo chat room.

• To check saved content on LINE for PC: Click the Keep icon at the top left of LINE for PC.

• To check saved content on your smartphone: From the Home tab on LINE, tap your profile at the top of the screen > Keep.

Are there any sites where you can't add the LINE Share button?

Use of the LINE Share button is prohibited on websites that lead to illegal products/services, adult/excessively violent content, or spam sites. Refer to the guidelines for details.

I set a custom icon Share button using the share counter API documentation, but an error occurs and the API doesn't work.

A "blocked by CORS policy" error message may appear and the share counter API may not work in some cases. If you see this error, it means the API is restricted due to the same-origin policy, which is meant to prevent other origin resources on the internet from being accessed.

When using a custom icon, a server-side request is required for the share counter API to work.

If you have any questions about this or any other error, contact us (opens new window).

Why does text that I shared with the LINE Share button appear garbled?

It's possible the character encoding is incorrect. Check to make sure that you shared percent-encoded text with UTF-8 character encoding.