# FAQ entries tagged #Add friend button

Are there times when the Add friend button can't be used?

The Add friend button can't be used to add LINE official accounts that have been blocked by/hidden from the LINE app, or if the LINE official account has already reached the maximum number of friends.

Can anyone set the Add friend button?

To set the Add friend button, you need a LINE official account ID. For details about creating a LINE official account, see the LINE Official Account Help page (opens new window).

When installing the Add friend button, can I use my personal LINE ID?

You can't install the Add friend button using your personal LINE ID. A LINE Official Account is required to install the Add friend button.

Can I delete LINE official accounts after I add them as friends?

Yes, you can delete LINE official accounts from your friend list in the LINE app.

The Like button and Add friend button don't work on Safari, even if I log in.

There are currently issues with the "Like" and "Add friend" buttons not working properly due to the Safari browser's policy changes. This issue is occurring with similar services as well, and not just with LINE Social Plugins.

We are closely keeping track of this issue so that it can be resolved as soon as possible.

However, note that the following configuration will allow you to use the "Add Friend" button in the Safari browser.

[PC Safari setting]

  1. Safari > Preferences > Privacy > Website tracking: Undo "Prevent cross-site tracking"