# Group chats

LINE Official Accounts can interact with users in group chats using the Messaging API. This page describes how you can use your LINE Official Account in a group chat.

# Group chat types

LINE has two types of group chats: groups and rooms. The users of a group or room are called members.

# Group

A group is a chat that users join by accepting an invitation from the user who created the chat or another member of the chat. LINE users can create groups with a specified name and invite their friends to join the group.

# Room

A room is a chat among 3 or more users where the users can freely add other users to the chat. Unlike groups, rooms do not have specified names and do not require an invitation for users to join.


A room is created locally on the client when a member of a one-on-one chat adds the third user to the chat. However, the room is not created on the LINE Platform until a user sends a message.

# Adding the LINE Official Account to a group or room

You can also invite a LINE Official Account to a group or room. On the Messaging API tab of your channel in the LINE Developers Console, enable Allow bot to join group chats. Only one LINE Official Account can be in a group chat at a time.

# Receiving webhook events

You can also receive webhook events for group chats. For more information, see Webhook events for one-on-one chats or group chats, or Webhook event objects in the Messaging API reference.

# Tip for using message events

Similarly to one-on-one chats, the LINE Platform sends a message event to the bot server when a user sends a message in a group chat that your LINE Official Account has joined.

Source group ID (groupId) and source room ID (roomId) are included in the source property of the Message event.

"source": {
    "type": "group",
    "groupId": "Ca56f94637c...",
    "userId": "U4af4980629..."

# Sending a request to an endpoint

The following operations are specific to group chats. For more information, see Messaging API reference.

# Tip for sending messages

Similarly to one-on-one chat, you can send reply messages and push messages to a group chat that your LINE Official Account has joined.

When sending push messages, specify the group ID or room ID in the to property. The recipient ID is found in webhook event objects. Messages are displayed to all members of the group or room.


You cannot send multicast message in groups or rooms.