# Mark as read API

Use of optional functions requires an application

Only corporate users who have submitted the required applications can use the functions described in this document. To use these functions with your LINE Official Account, contact your sales representative or contact our Sales partners (opens new window).

# Overview

By using the Mark as read API, "Read" can be displayed in all messages sent from a specific user.

# Disabling the automatic read setting function

The LINE Official Account is set to automatically display "Read" when receiving a message from the user (the automatic read setting function). However, this setting will be disabled when using the Mark as read API.

As a result, in a LINE Official Account that uses the Mark as read API, "Read" won't be displayed in messages from users unless a request for the Mark as read API is sent.

The timing of displaying "Read"

We recommend that you send a Mark as read API request whenever a new message is sent from a user. If you send a message to the user before sending the request, the message will appear to have been sent from the official LINE account without "Read" being displayed on the user's screen.

# Retrying a failed Mark as read API request

When sending a Mark as read API request, if an error with status code 5xx occurs or if the request times out, retry the request.

Note that if you receive a new message from the user before the request is retried successfully, "Read" will be displayed in all messages including the new message.

# Reference

For details on the API specifications, see Mark as read API in the Option API reference for corporate users.