# Overview

This document contains optional functions for corporate users.

This page describes how to use these optional functions:

Optional function Overview
Error notification If the bot server returns an error when sending webhook events from the LINE Platform, you can notify a channel administrator by email.
Provider page A list of all the services that the Provider offers on the LINE platform.
Mission stickers Mission stickers are provided to user upon completion of certain objectives.
Audience match Target delivery is available based on mobile advertisement IDs or phone numbers owned by clients.
LINE notification messages You can send messages to users by specifying their phone number, even without knowing their user IDs.
Mark-as-Read "Read" can be displayed at any time in all messages sent from a specific user.
Get statistics per aggregation unit You can aggregate multiple push messages and multicast messages to view unit-based statistics.
LINE Profile+ The user information such as name, gender, birthdate, phone number and address registered by the user in LINE Profile+ can be obtained from the service (web app) provided by provider.
LINE Beacon This section describes the conditions for receiving LINE Beacon.
Use of optional functions requires an application

The functions described in this document can only be used by corporate users who have submitted the required applications. To use it with your LINE Official Account, contact your sales representative or contact our Sales partners (opens new window).