# Information (for corporate users)

Information for corporate users. See also the News.


# Corrections to the "Get statistics per aggregation unit" document

In the API reference for "Get statistics per aggregation unit", there was a mistake in the description of the request body. We've already corrected the mistake but apologize for any inconvenience caused by this error.

See this table for the differences before and after the correction:

Note that if you specify a name of aggregation unit that exceeds the maximum characters limit when sending a message, the request won't fail but the unit name won't be assigned to the target message.


# The subject of the email sent upon error notification will be changed

Updated on May 25, 2021

We've updated the Changes and Estimated date of change.

These changes are planned for Error notification provided as a Messaging API function.

# Changes

The subject of the Notification email will be changed as follows. We'll also change some of the text in the body of the mail to make it easier to understand.

Items Before change After change
Subject Messaging API: Webhook transmission failed - <Channel name> Messaging API: Your server did not return [200 OK] - <Channel name>

The <Channel name> section displays the channel name of the target channel.

# Estimated date of change

May 25, 2021 JST (GMT+9)

For more information, see Error notification under Options for corporate customers.


# We've released a feature for getting statistics per aggregation unit

You can now obtain statistics per aggregation unit for multiple push messages and multicast messages. You can assign a unit name before sending messages so that you can see statistics for each unit at a later time.

When is the feature for getting statistics per aggregation unit useful?

When sending a narrowcast or broadcast message to multiple users, you can specify a request ID to get user interaction statistics of that particular message.

User interaction statistics

When sending a message to fewer than 20 users, you can't obtain statistics because users' privacy must be protected. However, with the newly-released Get statistics per aggregation unit feature, even if you send a message to a small number of users, by assigning a unit name before sending the message, you can obtain per-unit statistics on multiple messages.

Aggregating statistics per unit

For more information, see Get statistics per aggregation unit under Option API reference for corporate customers.


# Information on Icon/Nickname Switch

Icon/Nickname Switch has been integrated into Messaging API.

For more information, see "You can now change the icon and display name of your LINE Official Account (2020/3/17)".