# Re-review after updating your LINE MINI App

Once your LINE MINI App is published, the content below can only be updated and changed after undergoing and passing review. Any other information can be freely updated without a review.

  • Items under the Basic settings tab
  • Items under Basic informationService company information, Development company information, and Provider information on the Business information tab
  • Items under the Contact information tab
  • Items under the LIFF tab
  • Items under the Service message template tab
  • Major changes to the service offered

If you make changes to any of the above, including changes that don't involve configuration on the LINE Developers Console, request a re-review.

Temporary suspension of published LINE MINI Apps

Temporarily replace the published Endpoint URL with a different URL for maintenance or other legitimate reasons, you don't need to request a re-review your LINE MINI App. The page will be switched over immediately after the change of the Endpoint URL.

For more information, see Submitting LINE MINI App.