Messaging API

Use the Messaging API to build bots that provide personalized experiences for your users on LINE.

To start building a bot, go to Getting started.

How it works

The Messaging API allows for data to be passed between the server of your bot application and the LINE Platform. When a user sends your bot a message, a webhook is triggered and the LINE Platform sends a request to your webhook URL. Your server then sends a request to the LINE Platform to respond to the user. Requests are sent over HTTPS in JSON format.

Messaging API architecture

What you can do with the Messaging API

Send reply messages

Reply with a message to users who interacts with your bot. Requires a reply token in the request. For more information, see Send reply messages.

Send push messages

Send messages directly to users whenever you want. For more information, see Send push messages.

Note: This feature is limited to certain plans. See LINE@ plans.

Send various message types

Choose from various types of messages to send to users including text messages, sticker messages, image messages, video messages, audio messages, location messages, imagemap messages, template messages, and Flex Messages.

For more information, see Messages.

Get user profiles

Get LINE user profile information of users who interact with your bot in one-on-one and group chats. You can get users' display names, profile images and status messages.

For more information, see Get profile.

Join group chats

Send messages in group chats and get information about the members of the group. For more information, see Group chats.

LINE@ account

To use the Messaging API, you must have a LINE@ account. A LINE@ account is the LINE account for your LINE bot. For more information on the different features and plans for LINE@ accounts, see the LINE@ website.

Note: The Messaging API can also be used with official accounts. Official accounts provide additional features for enterprise users. For more information, see the LINE Partners website.

Get started with the Messaging API

To start building a bot with the Messaging API, follow these steps:

  1. Create a channel
  2. Building a bot

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